Email isn’t dying, and texting isn’t new. So what’s the big deal about Event Farm’s new attendee texting suite?

We think it’s a game-changer. Here’s why.

Event Farm SMS Suite

All the Facts

First: Email may not be dying, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best channel. We’ve shown you these stats before, but we’ll show them again, because they’re too good:

Average open rate for texts?

98% 😍

And for email?

20% 😍

☝️Literally me

I mean, I *do* have 9,498 unread emails. I avoid email, and there's *no way* I'd actively check it for important information while I'm *at* an event.

Yep. Attendees are at your event *now*. You want them to see your message while it's still relevant.

Second: Event Farm's texting suite is *not* a generic texting app. It’s integrated with the rest of Event Farm's tech ecosystem, so you can use your guest list to text the right people at the right time.

(It's team work and Event Farm is the friendly bear hand.)


In other words: it automatically segments your audience for you. And segmentation is a marketer’s bread and butter.

Explore all of our texting features below: how they work, what they do, and why you would use them. 😍

Engage From the Get Go

1. Welcome Texts

Send your guests the info they need, when they need it.

How does that work?

Before your event, use the EFx app to write your welcome text.

When you check guests in on Event Farm’s check-in app, it’ll automatically trigger the welcome text.

Oh, nice! That'd be great for anything guests should know RIGHT when they walk in — venue maps, instructions to the main stage, coat check...

You're definitely getting this 😍

What's a text messaging suite without

2. Text Messaging

Similar to welcome texts, but it isn’t tied to check-in. You simply text your guests whatever you want, whenever you want.

So I just type a text in the EFx app and hit send?

Yep. And you can even specify which guests you want to text.

That’s awesome. That’d be great for late-breaking things I’d like attendees to know. Like where to find lunch, changes in the schedule, a reminder about a keynote speech…


Opinions in Motion

3. Live Text Polling

Text your guests a question. They’ll text you their response, and you can display the live poll data for everyone to see.

Yeah, its cool. You can take a live poll during a panel discussion to get audience input. Poll results will display for everyone to see, like the photo above.

I can think of a million uses for this...

Yeah, you can even ask important questions: like what people want for lunch.

Lots of our customers put their results up on TVs all over their venues. Perfect branding opportunity 😍

You Oughta Be In Pictures

4. Roaming Photographer

Take a photo of your guests, add your custom filter, and share it via text with the attendees in the photo.

Hey, you do you. No judgement.

Ok, this is getting good. What next?

Break The Ice Event Farm Style

5. Teams

Reimagine networking with Teams. It breaks the ice for your attendees — and generally makes networking suck less.

Ok, *this* one sounds good. Tell me more.

You’ll open the Teams feature and click a button to create teams. It’ll scoop up the list of guests who have checked in and automatically group them into teams of three to four.

Each guest will get a text telling them the names of their teammates — and give them instructions to go find them.

Scavenger hunt!


Use this whenever you want to get your attendees talking with people they don’t already know. Or if your event is gamified, Teams is a quick, streamlined way to kick off the gamification and introduce teams to each other

So...that's why we're excited about the Event Farm SMS Suite.

So am I. I can't wait to use this at an event!

We can totally make that happen. Click on this button to get a demo of Event Farm EFx -- including the SMS Suite. If you like what you see, we can have you up and running in no time :)

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